Procto Silo Cleaning Services



Silo Cleaning

We undertake the interior cleaning of external and internal silos. The cleaning of silos has had a tendency to be put ‘at the back of the queue’ – put off until the necessity is overwhelming maybe due to infestation or blockage. The areas most affected by product build up and infestation is the roof, dead area and on the discharge hopper sides and discharge vibrator unit areas. These problems are minimised by regular cleaning resulting in better hygiene and product flow. A regular schedule of silo cleaning on your site can be proposed or maybe just on a ‘as and when’ required basis. 

Many customers are now requiring trace-ability of their products and are required to have a proven hygiene programme in place. On completion of cleaning, a full detailed report of the condition, structural faults and any other findings is issued for each silo, if necessary a certificate for each silo cleaned is also available, making these particularly useful for audit trails.

High level cleaning

The need to carry out high level cleaning of difficult to reach areas is imperative to the hygiene of food production companies. Whether it is a flour mill, silo building, warehouse or a food production area, we can access these areas using our specialist lifting equipment, portable scaffolding or mobile access platforms. Roofs, walls, supporting steelwork, machinery and silo tops to be cleaned as required.

Filter sleeve/filter cartridge changes.

Filters and cartridges, especially in the milling industry, need to be changed at regular intervals to maintain the good working order of silos. We will remove, brush clean or replace filter sleeves or cartridges, together with the cleaning of the filter housing. We can supply filter sleeves or cartridges at a competitive price or customer supplied.

Services to the following sectors

• Flour Milling and associated industries

• Bakeries

• Feed Mills

• Brewery industry

• Drinks industry

• Rice Milling

• Plastics manufacture

• Sweet and confectionery industries